Batman: Arkham Knight (The Movie)

Here is my Arkham Knight movie. If you haven't seen my work before, the idea is to present the story of the game in a way where anybody can understand and enjoy it, whether you have played the game or not. I make sure to include just enough gameplay so that the important story moments are there, and the story maintains a good flow without any plot holes. Even if you've played the game, watching the story in a more compact form can be a cool experience. Yes, it's long, but that's just because the story in this game has a LOT to it. In fact my original cut of the movie was a half hour longer than this! There are some things I could have still cut, like the Riddler and Two Face side missions, but I had story reasons for keeping both. For Two Face, it was because you see Two Face free on the streets of Gotham at the beginning of the game. Not showing Batman capture him leaves loose ends. As for Riddler, that story could have been cut entirely and save probably 15-20 minutes of the movie, but there was a moment at the end of that side story I felt was incredibly important to show, from a character development standpoint. Also, the last Penguin mission could have technically been skipped, but again, that would have left loose ends, and that didn't feel right to me. I also felt that mission tied in pretty well to the part of the story I put it in. While these side missions do interrupt the flow of the main story a bit, I felt it was worth it. I did consider putting the Azrael side story in as well, but it would have required far too much footage to be used, and there weren't really any good places to include it. In the end, he wasn't necessary to the story, and the movie was already really long, so he was cut. I used the PC version of this game because it allowed me to use the "ToggleHUD" mod, which allows me to disable all on screen displays. Unfortunately this meant dealing with performance issues which caused a delay to the start of production for this movie. Eventually I found some driver/OS settings that improved performance tremendously. There are still some moments with a stutter or some areas with slower frame rate, but for the most part, I got it to stay at a solid 30fps. Even though I used the ToggleHUD mod, there were a couple moments in the "Panessa Studios" level where the HUD elements automatically popped back on screen for a minute, and unfortunately I was unable to remove them from those scenes via VFX. I did use VFX in one particular area of the movie. Let me know if you catch what I did. But for the most part, thankfully, there wasn't much I needed to remove from this movie, unlike my Assassin's Creed movies, so it didn't take very long in post production. I also played the game in New Game Plus mode, which disables the counter notifications above enemies' heads. My next movie, as I previously promised, will be Assassin's Creed Rogue. I will be busy with playing MGS5 next month, but I hope to be able to release my Rogue movie before Assassin's Creed Syndicate is released. I can't guarantee that at this point, especially with the amount of VFX I may need to do on that game, although it is a lot shorter than Unity. After Rogue will be The Order 1886, which I already have partially completed due to the previously mentioned delay to the start of production on this movie. After The Order 1886, there are plenty of games coming out that I will be able to work on, such as AC Syndicate, Uncharted 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider (although that may wait for the PS4 release), and again, if I ever have enough time, AC Liberation. The order in which I will make those movies is currently undecided, and will probably be prioritized by story quality. Let me know what you thought of my movie, and as always, if you like the movie, support the developers by buying the game!

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Batman: Arkham Knight All Cutscenes (Game Movie) Full Story 1080p HD

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